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Beating the College Debt Trap Thumbnail

Beating the College Debt Trap

Our daughter Evelyn was born in June 2015, and we just had our second child, Ford, a couple of weeks ago. What better time to start planning for kids' college than when you have two children under the age of 2? Naturally, as a financial planner, I have already been contributing to accounts for the benefit of our children (both a 529 plan and an UTMA account, just as many of our clients do). But like many of our clients, my wife and I are already having discussions about how much (if any) we want to contribute to our kids' college expenses. That's right: it's not a given that we will contribute any amount at all toward a four-year degree for our children. We want to be open-minded enough to question whether that will necessarily be the best step for each of our children.

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