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Owning Cash Cow Businesses Thumbnail

Owning Cash Cow Businesses

Two years ago, we first met with Pacer ETFs, a boutique Pennsylvania-based investment firm. After multiple meetings and extensive due diligence, we added their US Cash Cows 100 ETF (symbol: COWZ) to our investment models. This fund owns the 100 American companies with the highest free cash flow yield. Our conviction in this investment metric has grown over the past two years. Accordingly, we recently added two more "Cash Cow" funds to client portfolios.

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TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update Thumbnail

TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update

In our first quarter market update, we offer our usual dose of optimism. This includes a historical look at what happens after a big up year in the stock market (such as we had in 2023), signs of a strengthening US economy, the folly of stock market predictions, and a 200-year chart of returns from US stocks, bonds, gold, and the US dollar.

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What Happens Following a Stock Market Correction? Thumbnail

What Happens Following a Stock Market Correction?

A stock market correction is defined as a 10% decline in the market. We officially entered a correction earlier this week. We recognize that most of our clients are seasoned, savvy investors that do not hit the panic button after a correction. We are always impressed at how calmly the bulk of our clients handle recessions and even bear markets. That said, it’s still painful for all of us (advisors and clients alike). We know our clients are not immune to being troubled over market downturns – particularly when coupled with troubling geopolitical events.

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The Bitcoin Article You Have Been Waiting For (tongue planted firmly in cheek) Thumbnail

The Bitcoin Article You Have Been Waiting For (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

The last time I wrote about bitcoin on our blog was September 13, 2018. I was dunking on bitcoin back then, gloating about how smart we and our clients were for avoiding this asset during the late-2017 hype that drove bitcoin up to $19,835. That post hasn’t aged very well. And you know what, this post may not age well, either. Predictions are the toughest game in town. An impossible task. I won’t make any price predictions on bitcoin today, but I will share a bit of what I know.

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9.2 Million Open Jobs Thumbnail

9.2 Million Open Jobs

Via Sam Ro at Axios: pre-COVID, the US already had a record number of job openings, at over 7.5 million. Today, we are another 22% higher in job openings -- at 9.2 million. The upside of this labor market is the underlying reality that our economy is growing. Wages are going up (but so is inflation).

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How Should I Prepare for Rising Inflation? Thumbnail

How Should I Prepare for Rising Inflation?

We’re starting to hear the “I-word” mentioned more often as of late. Inflation is on the rise. The Federal government’s money printing machines have been on overdrive, and the US economy has taken note. Prices have begun to tick up across the economy – most notably in residential real estate. The counterpoint (as made by the Fed) is the inflation we are seeing today is merely temporary, a hangover from the COVID shutdowns.

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Stocks vs. Bonds Thumbnail

Stocks vs. Bonds

U.S. Treasury bonds have not yielded this little interest since the 1940s. Based on the data, it’s fair to expect U.S. bonds to return something on the order of 2% per year over the next 10 years. You might then ask: why do we own bonds at all? The answer is because there is value in stability.

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