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Good News... and ONLY Good News Thumbnail

Good News... and ONLY Good News

 Austin Colby, CFP®, MBA

During the past year, you probably became used to hearing statements that sounded similar to “of course [insert negative event] happened… it’s 2020!” Last year had its ups and downs, but I would venture to say that there were plenty of good things that happened amidst the chaos. Here is a roundup of the exciting events that happened at The Wealth Group:

Family/Office Good News:

  • Ben and his wife, Julia, welcomed their second child in February. Baby Josie joined their family and gave big-brother Jett a playmate.
  • Mike and his wife, Krista, welcomed their fourth child, bouncing baby boy Jack. He entered the Earl family in May and has been well-loved by sister Evie, and big brothers Ford and Teddy.
  • Paige joined our team officially in January after her internship ended in December. She has quickly flown through her licensing exams and has been a big asset to the team, adding a youthful energy and an intellectual copyrighting flare…she is the one who proofread and corrected this article before you read it. Even at age 21 she has no problems correcting her boss’ mistakes. Thanks Paige!
  • Misty and her husband, Ross, celebrated 20 years of marriage! There are always things worth celebrating and honoring no matter the situation around us.
  • Karie hit a milestone birthday…something she once dreaded, but instead greatly enjoyed. She treasures having her health, family and the wisdom that comes with age and maturity.
  • Dan and his wife, Rebekah, announced they are due with a baby girl coming in Spring of 2021! Their son, Max, will be just about two when he is joined by his little sister.
  • Adam and his 12-year-old son both made their first holes-in-one on the golf course this summer. Coincidentally, our mother, Doris, also made her first hole-in-one. I still do not have one.
  • Probably the most exciting news for me on a personal/professional level is that I now officially have two business partners—both Mike and Adam have become equity partners in the firm.
    1. Mike has been on the team since the beginning of 2013 and both of us have been eagerly anticipating this partnership. This team would not be complete and would not be nearly as effective without Mike. He is a huge asset and has been a blessing to me and our clients.
    2. Adam not only wears many hats for the team internally, he is also an excellent example of what a good financial steward is. He leads by example in both his personal financial decisions and in how he handles the duties and services we provide to our clients. As my big brother, it is especially sweet to know he will be alongside me for the balance of our professional careers.



  • Rose Areta Avonlea Colby was born at home on December 18th with her eight brothers and sisters surrounding her. This was the sweetest, most emotional birth yet for my wife and me—I know that having our children in the room with us was one of the reasons why. We had the honor of naming Rose after my wife’s mother, Rose, who went to heaven two years ago, and also my wife’s grandmother, Areta, who basically was my wife’s daycare provider for the first 10 or so years of her life. As you may remember, I mentioned I had been reading the diaries of my wife’s grandmother this year; her name will now live on with our baby daughter.


 I whole-heartedly believe it is important to purposefully have an attitude of gratitude—even more so after a year like we just experienced. I encourage all of you to take some time to highlight your own Good News facts from 2020, and find something you are thankful for today.