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Will Vehicle Prices (Ever) Come Down? Thumbnail

Will Vehicle Prices (Ever) Come Down?

I bought my trusty 2007 Toyota Yaris in October 2012 for $9,300 with 32,000 miles on it. Today, it has 114,000 miles--plenty of life left to live. While I have intended several times in the past to replace the vehicle for one that will better accommodate a family with five young children, the process has not quite gone according to plan.

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Through Thick and Thin Thumbnail

Through Thick and Thin

There are about 253 stock market trading days per year. Over 20 years, that equates to 5,060 trading days. If you missed the 10 best days out of those 5,060, you only missed 0.2% of all the trading days (one-fifth of one percent), yet your returns would have been reduced by over 50%.

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When Inflation Gets Personal Thumbnail

When Inflation Gets Personal

The Colby family van (affectionately called “the Party Bus”) was recently totaled in a car accident. Thankfully, there were no major injuries to the passengers, but it was a complete wreck of an excellent motor carriage that had faithfully transported my family 130,000+ miles over the past eight years. Once the shock of the accident had worn off, I began the disheartening task of finding a replacement.

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Being Greedy When Others Are Fearful Thumbnail

Being Greedy When Others Are Fearful

tl;dr version: Americans are very pessimistic right now. This is a contrarian indicator. Stocks have an 84% chance of being higher 12 months from now. It might take some time, but forward-looking return prospects are good when folks are discouraged. The average 12-month forward return in past instances like this is +15%.

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What Happens Following a Stock Market Correction? Thumbnail

What Happens Following a Stock Market Correction?

A stock market correction is defined as a 10% decline in the market. We officially entered a correction earlier this week. We recognize that most of our clients are seasoned, savvy investors that do not hit the panic button after a correction. We are always impressed at how calmly the bulk of our clients handle recessions and even bear markets. That said, it’s still painful for all of us (advisors and clients alike). We know our clients are not immune to being troubled over market downturns – particularly when coupled with troubling geopolitical events.

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When Bad Months Lead to Good Years Thumbnail

When Bad Months Lead to Good Years

January is going down as a tough month in the markets (putting it mildly). As I write this article on January 31st, 2022, the US stock market is down about 6.5% for the month. That is not one of the 15 worst months in US stock market history since 1950, but it’s a bad one.

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