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TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update Thumbnail

TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update

You can watch a 5-minute video walkthrough of a few key slides from our 1st quarter market update in the video embedded below.

A link to a PDF of the entire slide deck is here.

Highlights from the deck:

  • Up 20% returns in the US stock market (like we had in 2023) have occurred 38% of the years since 1926 (37 times out of 98 years). A commonplace event!
  • In US stock market history, what happens the year after a big up year? Most of the time, the next year is good (average return of 10%).
  • The folly of stock market predictions: every major Wall Street firm's 2023 predicted return drastically underestimated the actual 2023 stock market return.
  • We highlight various signals of strength and resiliency in the US economy.
  • A 200-year rate of return comparison between US stocks, bonds, gold, and the US dollar.