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Relative Sizes of World Stock Markets: 1899 vs. 2015 Thumbnail

Relative Sizes of World Stock Markets: 1899 vs. 2015

By: Mike Earl, CFP®, CPWA®


Which country's stock market offered the highest annualized real returns (net of inflation) from 1900 - 2015? 


South Africa, with annualized real returns of 7.3% over that time period. The next-best competitor has been Australia, with annualized real returns of 6.7%.

A few observations:

  • The US stock market size today is larger than all other countries in the world put together.

  • The US stock market is more than 22 times as large as the Chinese stock market.

  • The UK has a larger stock market than France and Germany combined.

  • English-speaking lands comprise greater than 64% of the world's total stock markets.


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