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TWG's Q2 2024 Market Update Thumbnail

TWG's Q2 2024 Market Update

Mike Earl, CFP®, CPWA®

You can watch a 10-minute video walkthrough of the key slides from our 2nd quarter market update in the video embedded below. 

A link to a PDF of the entire slide deck is here.

Highlights from the deck:

  • $1 invested into stocks in 1900 would yield over $69,000 of purchasing power in today's dollars.
  • $1 invested into gold in 1900 would yield $97 of purchasing power in today's dollars.
  • When stocks go higher in January and February (as they did this year), it typically bodes well for the remainder of the year -- with an average return of up 20% for the year (since 1950).
  • In election years over the past 30 years, more money has gone into money market funds than stocks (a suboptimal allocation of capital).
  • US companies are expected to grow earnings by more than 10% in 2024 (vs. 2023), and an additional 13% of earnings growth for 2025.