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TWG's Q2 2024 Market Update Thumbnail

TWG's Q2 2024 Market Update

Highlights from the deck: - $1 invested into stocks in 1900 would yield over $69,000 of purchasing power in today's dollars. - $1 invested into gold in 1900 would yield $97 of purchasing power in today's dollars. - When stocks go higher in January and February (as they did this year), it typically bodes well for the remainder of the year -- with an average return of up 20% for the year (since 1950). - In election years over the past 30 years, more money has gone into money market funds than stocks (a suboptimal allocation of capital). US companies are expected to grow earnings by more than 10% in 2024 (vs. 2023), and an additional 13% of earnings growth for 2025.

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Owning Cash Cow Businesses Thumbnail

Owning Cash Cow Businesses

Two years ago, we first met with Pacer ETFs, a boutique Pennsylvania-based investment firm. After multiple meetings and extensive due diligence, we added their US Cash Cows 100 ETF (symbol: COWZ) to our investment models. This fund owns the 100 American companies with the highest free cash flow yield. Our conviction in this investment metric has grown over the past two years. Accordingly, we recently added two more "Cash Cow" funds to client portfolios.

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TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update Thumbnail

TWG's Q1 2024 Market Update

In our first quarter market update, we offer our usual dose of optimism. This includes a historical look at what happens after a big up year in the stock market (such as we had in 2023), signs of a strengthening US economy, the folly of stock market predictions, and a 200-year chart of returns from US stocks, bonds, gold, and the US dollar.

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The Gap and the Gain Thumbnail

The Gap and the Gain

A group of our advisors recently read The Gap and the Gain, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It’s a short book with a simple, powerful message: Instead of focusing on how far away I am from where I want to be (The Gap), I should focus on how far I have come from where I started (The Gain).

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Protecting Your Financial Life Thumbnail

Protecting Your Financial Life

We have seen an increasing number of our clients encounter attempts at scamming them out of money. As your team of advisors, we care deeply about your financial security. When scammers succeed, it is often by getting someone to act quickly before having the chance to think about what is being asked of them. Our hope is that promoting awareness will help our clients recognize any tricks before it’s too late.

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